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Nelio lets you post a full landscape or portrait image to Instagram without needing to crop or cut it up.

The colours Nelio provides you with for your borders are taken directly from your photo to help them blend better with your image. Or, you can simply tap sections of your image to pull the specific colour that you desire directly from it.

Nelio also provides a 'smear' tool that will smear the edge of your image to fill out the border, which can add a very unique and interesting effect to your final image.

Mongoose Loves Mangoes
Mona the Mongoose Loooooves Mangoes! Help Mona catch the mangoes before they hit the ground in this fast paced arcade game.
  • Two difficulty levels for a fun or challenging game
  • High Score tracking
Briscola for BlackBerry is the classic italian card game on your phone! Choose from 3 difficulty levels, and 2 game types (60 and 120 point games).
PlayCreator is an essential sports whiteboard application for coaches and players to draw up plays and tactics. Instantly create plays by dragging and dropping Xs and Os to show offensive and defensive positions. Full and half field scenes are available for Hockey, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Field Hockey, Rugby and 3 types of Lacrosse (Men's Field Lacrosse, Women's Field Lacrosse and Box Lacrosse), as well as Cricket and a blank white board for drawing or sketching other information.
Infinite Comic
Infinite Comic is semi-inspired by A Softer World, a web comic where two people take the time to put photos together with seemingly relevant text. Infinite Comic takes a similar approach, however with less deliberation (and even fewer humans), and presents you with a random image from Flickr superimposed with some random text off of Twitter based on keywords of your choosing, all powered by the 'Infinite Monkey Random Comic Generator'. Think of it like the Infinite Monkey Theorem, however instead of reproducing Shakespeare those monkeys are creating original comics.
Client Stuff
50 Book Pledge
50BookPledge.ca was built for TheSavvyReader.ca and HarperCollins Canada to allow its fans to track their reading progress with a virtual bookshelf to help fulfill their pledge to make reading a priority for the year.
Toronto ABC
Toronto ABC is the website for the Toronto ABC board book created by Paul Covello and published by HarperCollins Canada.
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